The social media like Facebook and Instagram are the source of the majority of the news that we get on daily bases. And the younger generations know for sure that if someone is famous and popular on Instagram, thank he is a celebrity. The American professional poker player and multi-millionaire Dan Bilzerian is one of these celebs on the social media of today.

Dan Bilzerian is more than a just famous person – he is interesting and popular. Besides being famous for his career as a poker player, Dan Bilzerian is also famous for his unique and lavish lifestyle. The photos of his well-known parties always end up on Instagram or Facebook and he definitely loves to show his fabulous life to his fans.

Being so popular and famous on Instagram, the American multi-millionaire deserved the title the King of Instagram. The King of Instagram is also famous and known as the most interesting man on Instagram. His photos are never boring and he loves to draw attention to himself, showing the public photos of his wild parties, interesting tours around the world and adrenaline sports. Exactly, the photos of his lavish lifestyle make Dan Bilzerian even more popular – with the time he has become a role model for the younger generations.

Wasting money is also one of Dan Bilzerian’s hobbies. Like a Poker Pro, he certainly earns a lot, but he also gives a lot of money away. The parties with many people, the finest champagne bottles, and the luxurious accessories are only a small part of the things, on which Dan Bilzerian wastes his money. Additionally, he gives money for expensive sports cars and car racing.

According to all of the photos on the social media and his posts, Dan Bilzerian is with certainty the most interesting man on Instagram. His popularity grows with every posted photo or comment on his profiles on the social media. So, one thing is for sure – Dan Bilzerian has earned the status The King of Instagram and intents to keep it that way.

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